Biofiber Tech Sweden AB

Innovations to reduce plastic pollution

Our offering


Biofiber Tech has developed unique cutting edge proprietary technology to enable using wood fibers to replace fossil based plastics. Through our technology, the wood fibers are modified to be more “plastic like” and therefor easier to mix and disperse with conventional- or biomaterial based plastics to create biogranulate. This solves several challenges that conventional wood fiber based composite material have today.

We license this technology to wood fiber producers and partner with compounders and brand-owners for trialing of the material. 

The end applications


The Biofiber Tech-based biogranulate can be used to create end applications such as consumer products (e.g. house hold appliances) and packaging material.

Due to Biofiber Tech's technology, the end applications have the following characteristics:

  • Environmental friendly 
  • Competitive mechanical performance
  • Cost competitive
  • Scalable and sourcable globally

Our value proposition


As a technology company, we are adding value to all players in the value chain. 

For paper industry:  we offer new business opportunity to offset the paper medium decline. 

For plastic industry: we make the products more sustainable and cost competitive.

For end use brand-owners: we offer more sustainable materials at affordable price and competitive mechanical performance.