Biofiber Tech Sweden AB

Innovations for reducing plastic pollution

Who we are


Biofiber Tech Sweden AB is an innovative start-up technology company based in Stockholm, Sweden.  The company was founded in 2016 by Dr. Eric Zhang, Ph.D from the Royal  institute of Technology in Stockholm. Sharing his vision and passion, angel investors, new partners and co-workers have joined the Biofiber Tech team and, today we are a team of seven innovative members.

Dr. Eric Zhang has worked with both product and business development in several well-known Swedish companies like Holmen and SCA, and is an inventor with several Swedish patents.

Our team has a well balanced technology and business background, as well as a dynamic age and gender mix.

Our vision and mission


"Innovations for shaping a sustainable future" is our vision and the key driving force for what we do. 

Biofiber Tech's mission is to develop technologies in order to enable biofiber based materials be used as an environmentally friendly alternative to current fossil based plastics.

Our story


One of the main challenges facing each of us in the 21st century is to protect our planet and to make our earth a better place to live in.   

Biofiber Tech is founded in order to make a contribution to this challenge. Based upon our earlier experiences in research and product development in the forest industry sector and insights into society, market and consumer needs, we believe  development of functional novel biobased materials will make a difference and contribute to the shaping of a sustainable future .